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PUPPY CARE- All puppies At Bigmeetbullies are held whelped til day of pick up. They are given alot of one on one human attention daily to help make a smooth transition to there new home.
PAPERWORK WITH PUPPY- All puppies come with a vet record of shots, deworming and clear health certificate. All puppies will come with ABKC registration. If stud used is multi registered. I will register the pups with that registration also. Dual or multi registration of pups can only be done by me if stud is dual or multi registered.
PUPPY PRICING- Puppy prices depends on cost of stud used for breeding. All pet quality puppies cost 1000 usd.
PAYMENT OPTION- Payment methods accepted are cash, zelle, PayPal, and crypto currency. All paypal transactions must be sent friends and family. All other forms of payment must be cleared and completely transfered to be honored. Time of transaction to clear is on company used to send transfer not Bigmeetbullies 
PUPPY PICKING PROCESS- Puppy picking starts at week 8 after puppies birthing. Puppies can be stacked in pictures and video, live phone calls etc to help with picking. Picks can not be done in person at our facility for the safety of other younger puppies who have not developed immune systems yet. Owner has 2 weeks to decide on pick. If after 2 weeks owner has not decided pick, pick process moves on to next owner and will continue til undecided owner makes there pick. Once undecided owner pick is made, there pick will take the place of highest pick left in the picking order at time of deciding.
PUPPY TRANSPORTING- Puppy transporting cost is the responsibility of the owner. Bigmeetbullies is not responsible for cost, time frame, or anything associated with transportation of puppies. Full balance is due before puppy can be released for transporting. 
EAR CROPPING- is included in price of puppy
PUPPY DEPOSITS- All deposits are non refundable. If a puppy that has a deposit placed on it becomes medically unavailable, then that persons deposit will be returned. This is the only situation a deposit will be returned. Deposits are used towards cost of vet care, medical, deworming, food, etc that the puppies need. Deposit amount is deducted from total amount of puppy cost. Deposits are valid for 90 days. Remaining balance is due within 90 days of deposit placed. Deposits are accepted starting 6 weeks of the puppies birthing. A payment plan must be scheduled and approved before 90 days or deposit is forfeited. All payments plans will include housing and food for the duration of the payment plan. Failure to make a payment within 30 days will result in forfeiture of payment plan. If 30 days pass with no payment being made, funds minus deposit, housing and food will be returned and payment plan will be terminated. Payment plan must be paid off in full before puppy is to be released to new owner or for transporting. 
PAYMENT/UNPAYED BALANCE- All puppies must be paid off before released to new owner or for transporting. 
PUPPY REPLACEMENT - All puppies must go to vet within 2 weeks of pick up or replacement is voided. All replacement request must be accompanied with vet records stating issue causing calling for replacement request. Environmental issues, (bad feet from crates, weak pastern, stress and diet caused murmurs, etc) are not covered by replacement clause. Puppy can only be replaced by one of equal value. If puppy of higher value is wanted. Balance of difference in prices of pups is due before replacement pup can be released. Puppy replacement policy is good for first year of puppies life. On the day of the puppy turning 1 year old, the replacement policy expires.

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