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Griselda Blanco

Grch Riot daughter. Has tight feet, scissor bite, good topline, great rear that is thicker then some studs rear is.


Double D's Starburst 

Starburst is a combination of ABKC Ch. SMP/Double D’s Lucky Luciano, Grch Rockomania, and Grch magoo blood.  She has cat feet, scissor bite, great top line and rear, is extremely high drive and very easy to train.


Bigmeetbullies Rockelle

Bigmeetbullies Rockelle. Rockelle is one of my Rockomania daughters. She has scissor bite, cat feet, moves great. Is the largest female I have sitting at 80 poinds at 10 months old


 Double D's Febi

Febi is my Grch Riot, Ch Brimm mix female. She is high drive, moves great. Great rear and topline. She had scissor bite and is one of my most wide females. 


Bigmeetbullies Lizzo

Lizzo is our female from our Starburst & Kash Money litter. We have big plans for her . She has a straight back, cat feet, scissor bite, great rear, super smart and easy to train, she is high drive and carries color. She is compact, weighs 80 pounds, moves and gaits great. Rear thicker then alot of males have.  This female is 2xs Grch Rockomania mixed with ABKC Ch SMP/ DD'S Lucky Luciano, and Grch Magoo. She is breed to produce is the best part about Lizzo


Bigmeetbullies Patience 

One of my Lucky Luciano Daughter. She has cat feet. Great top line and rear. Moves great and gait very well.  Very bully and carries a good amount of mass



A Lucky Luciano Daughter. Girl has cat feet, scissor bite, great rear, great top line. Smart so easy to train. Movement is excellent 


Bigmeetbullies Bella

One of my new up and comers.  Fathers is Golden Child. Mom is a linbreed Lucky daughter. She is very energetic and moves great, great structure even has a scissor bite. Bright future for this girl

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